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Bay Image Software develops and markets website management and digital image editing applications for the Internet age for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

Link checker, site monitor and download profiler
If you maintain a Web site, viaLinks can help you monitor your home page, check html links and let you know how fast your pages are downloaded. Click here to see a saved sample report.

The Ultimate Graphics Tools For Your Home And Business

ImageShow for WindowsSnapView for WindowSlideShow for Windows
Create/Enhance your graphics with ImageShow...

Drawing/editing tools include: Seperate pen and brush for drawing Bucket fill In place text input Multiple regions-of-interest (ROI) area selections •Transparent color selection, alpha channel transparency Image arithmetic/texture combination Color conversions between 24-bit color, 8-bit indexed color, 4-bit indexed color, 1-bit indexed color, 8-bit grayscale

Enhancement tools and special effects: brightness and contrast; hue and saturation; color/gray mapping; negative; solarization; threshold; equalization; color reduction; smooth; sharpen; edge detection; outline; fisheye; sphere; ripple; mosaic; emboss; motion blur; cylinder; oil painting; image rotation; tile and more...

Work environment: Undo/Redo/Preview Palette and color editing Batch procesing Image file format conversion Zooming in and out TWAIN-compatible scanners, cameras and other image input devices Dockable toolbars
Capture anything on your screen with SnapView...

Easy point-n-capture operation

Capture window/client area/screen rectangular area/active window/whole screen

Delay capture up to three seconds

Use hot-key to capture pop-up menus

Image printing / Clipboard transfer / Image color, contrast adjustment, rotation, sharpen, blur, etc.

Drag and drop images from Windows Explorer

Color depth conversions between 24-bit color, 8-bit indexed color, 4-bit indexed color, 1-bit indexed color, 8-bit grayscale

Image format conversion
Create animated images that make your web pages shine...

SlideShow has all the tools necessary to help you create animations for your web site. Key Features:

GIF Logical screen attribute manipulation - screen dimension, palette usage

Individual frame control attributes - frame position, delay time, transparent color setting, display mode

Use your favorite image editor to edit individual image frame through Windows clipboard transfer

Drag and drop images from Windows Explorer

Test the animated GIF in your installed browser

All three products support .tif, .gif, .tga, .jpg, .bmp, .dib, .rle, .pcx and .avi file formats
60-day trial version60-day trial version60-day trial version

   Site Monitor, Link Checker and Download ProfilerSample

A website starts with business discovery and requirement. Through lengthy design and development, it finally reaches the point for online production. But wait, is it really ready for the prime time?

Most business websites contain dynamic content, the pages are generated on the fly. As the majority of business websites are developed, dynamic page generation involves intermediate application servers behind the scene. These backend servers may be implemented in multiple computing languages on distributed platforms.It is common that a newly developed website runs perfectly on an internal development system, but failed mystically in production. A large portion of the failures are simply broken links on pages which reference non-existing server paths.

Our product, viaLinks, is a software tool that probes web pages and looks for broken links. viaLinks is a fast and scalable web page link tester. It downloads web pages from both HTTP and secure HTTPS/SSL servers. viaLinks checks htmlinline images, style-sheets, streaming content, etc., as well as all external <a href=...> links embedded in a web page.

Asides from a link tester, viaLinks collects a wealth of download related information of a web page,

  • Debug information. viaLinks records IP addresses that html links are served from, which can be used to identify the origin of a particular page download problem. A key feature of viaLinks is its supply of line numbers for all links in a downloaded html document. This will save time comparing to manually searching a reported broken link which may beexpressed partially in a web page. viaLinks reveals server and session information including session cookies used during downloading, it helps in finding out why a particular page component is not accessible.
  • Performance benchmark information. Web page download speed is saved and can be viewed later to profile a Web server performance fora given period of time. For trending of your Web server response time, viaLinks may be deployed within your organization to createa distributed private agent network which monitors your website performance from time to time.
  • Site-Error/Site-Up information. viaLinks is also a website monitoring tool. It can probe a URL as frequently as every one-minute. viaLinks sends Site-Error/Site-Up alerts to your email account when events happen.

   Web Image Editing Toolsscreen shot
Our award-winning image editing package BisTools includes three products for your Web image editing needs.
  • ImageShow is one of the best image editors on the market
  • SnapView is a very easy to use and feature-rich screen image grabber
  • SlideShow allows you to easily create animated graphics for your web pages

Our customers:
IBM - The University of Calgary - Dell Computer - Bayer/Agfa -Intel - Compaq -Wayne State University - AT&T - LSI Logic - Informix - University of Washington - Scripps Research Institute - Hewlett Packard - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Lucent - ...

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