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Download & Try Software
Try viaLinks from our website. Click here.

Download the time-limited versions of BISTools.
BISTools.exe contains all three image editing tools, ImageShow, SnapView and SlideShow. Its size is about 2MB. The trial version will cease to work after 30 days of your first usage.

Download and installation instruction:
Your browser must support software downloading from Internet. Click on the download links, choose "Save it to disk" option on the pop-up dialog box on your screen. For BISTools, start a MS-DOS session and move the installation software program to an empty directory. Type the name of the installation program at a DOS prompt. Then type Setup and follow the steps. For viaLinks installation, start a MS-DOS window, type the installation program name and follow the steps.
Click here to download a 30-day time-limited version of viaLinks (~2MB).
Click here to download a 30-day time-limited version of BISTools. BISTools includes installation program for ImageShow, SnapView and SlideShow.

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