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If you downloaded the time-limited versions of our software products and found them useful, you should register the products. For registered products, we provide one year un-limited technical support and free product minior version updates. Best of all, by supporting Bay Image Software, we can bring you more and better software products in the future.

It is easy to order software from Bay Image Software. You need to complete the Product Order form, which can be obtained online. We accept the following payment methods,

  1. Purchase Order - We accept your company's standard purchase order. You may fax the authorized (signed) purchase order to us, or mail it to our mailing address. If you have any question, send an email to info@bayimage.com
  2. Payment by Check - You will have to send the completed Product Order form and a check in the exact amount to our mailing address.

Once we received your order form and check, we shall promptly mail out the requested product(s) to your shipping address. If your email address is provided in the Product Order form, we shall also notify you through email. A password can be issued to you via email.

Should the time-limited version expired during the order processing period, a special limit-extended version will be available online upon email request.

The order form can be obtained in one of the following ways

  1. Please email your Registration Request to Registration@bayimage.com. The Product Order form will be emailed to you.
  2. Click here to view and download the form.

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