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Indispensable tools for your website development, testing and maintenance:

Website Toolbox
viaLinks is a fast and comprehensive link checker, site monitor and webpage download profiler. viaLinks comes with two editions, Agent Edition and Server Edition.

viaLinks Agent Edition provides all the link test functions through command-line/shell interface. Test reports are generated in both XML and HTML formats. viaLinks Server Edition adds in site monitor function and multiple client support. viaLinks Server Edition's built-in web server provides site monitor administration and automatic email alerting when a monitored site is down or contains error.

With XML data output, viaLinks can be integrated with other alarm/alert appliactions for system test and monitoring during website deployment.

Unlike some expensive online services which offer less functionality or features per Web page, viaLinks gets the control in your hands, you can use viaLinks to build your private website measurement and monitoring network.

Web Graphics Toolbox
BISTools is a trio of graphics programs aimed at Web content developers.

ImageShow, is one of the best image editing and creation programs with flexible image selection, transparent image composition, a TWAIN interface, zooming, drawing, palette and color editing, image enhancement functions, some screen-capture capabilities, many special effects processing filters, and much more. It handles .tif, .gif, .tga, .jpg, .bmp, .dib, and .pcx files.

SnapView is the suite's screen-capture tool with intuitive user interface. Point-n-click to capture a window or any screen area, delay capture up to three seconds. It supports multiple image file formats.

SlideShow lets you create animated GIF images for web pages.

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