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viaLinks - click to see a sample report

Monitor content, check link, profile download performance with viaLinks!

viaLinks is a fast and comprehensive html link checker, webpage download performance profiler and web site monitor. viaLinks creates webpage download reports in both XML and HTML formats. viaLinks reports can be viewed in most popular browsers and/or integrated into applications for some specific web site management needs. viaLinks is cost-effective and gets the control in your hands, it offers downloading of unlimited Web pages, with unlimited concurrency.


  • Instant Web page check for broken links, diagnose download bottlenecks,
  • Validate html content by detecting broken links on Web pages, provides annotated html content as well as detail performance report,
  • Built-in fast html download agent that downloads all kinds of page components (images, javascripts, flash, etc.),
  • Works well with secure pages that require SSL encryption,
  • Explores and follows redirected URLs,
  • Content verification in monitoring mode checks if page content contains / does not contain user-defined phases for successful/failed downloading,
  • Captures cookie usage and provides summary,
  • Supports custom HTTP request headers (user-agent, cookie, etc.),
  • Measures pages in a web transaction with configurable session cookie,
  • Provides download speed benchmark metric and performance summary,
  • Records Web server's IP address for each page component download which is useful for online diagnosis,
  • Has web-service interface that allows remote and interactive application administration,
  • Has command-line interface for batch scripting activation,
  • Provides intermediate XML output which allows for further analysis,
  • Web page monitoring as a system service that starts automatically when the machine is rebooted, easy setup through HTML interface to monitor multiple Web pages,
  • Can be used as a load testing tool, simple command line scripting can turn this product as a powerful web site load testing tool.


  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
  • Microsoft IE 5 or Netscape 4 compatible internet browser
  • 64MB RAM minimum
  • Pentium II 200MHz or higher
  • Connectivity to Internet

Sample Output

Click to see a saved download report for http://www.whitehouse.gov

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