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  • Bay Image Software announces availability of LinkEx

    Mountain View, CA (September 1, 2002) - LinkEx, a Web site management tool, is released today and available for download. LinkEx is a fast and comprehensive Web page link checker, Web page download performance monitor and server load tester. It provides html download reports which can be viewed remotely. Its intermediate XML data output can be picked up by other alarm/alert appliactions for Web site integrated test and monitoring. Unlike some expensive online services that offer less functionality, LinkEx gets the control in your hands, it offers downloading of unlimited Web pages, with unlimited concurrency. For further information, give us a call or click here for LinkEx features.

    Mountain View, CA (July 18, 1997) - SlideShow for Windows NT and 95 version 1.0 is released today and available for download. SlideShow is designed to help web page designers to create animated GIF images (like the animated images on this web site). SlideShow opens or creates new multi-image GIF files. You can insert new image files (in BMP, DIB, RLE, GIF, PCX, JPEG, TGA, TIF, AVI formats) into an existing image list, or paste images from other image editors through clipboard as new GIF frames. You can specify transparent color for each frame and deley time between frames, frame position, etc.. You can also get a hard copy printout for each frame!

    ImageShow for Windows NT and 95 is upgraded to version 1.12. ImageShow is a complete image editing software package. It features multiple floating image selections, text/image composition, transparent image composition, image scanning, image printing, zooming, drawing, image enhancement functions...and much much more. The new version added advanced palette and color editing functions, bits-per-bixel munipulation (important for web page image size reduction), etc..

    SnapView for Windows NT and 95 is upgraded to version 1.12. SnapView is a professional screen capture tool. It captures windows, menus, rectangular areas, web pages, graphics, emails, etc.. It can run quietly as a minimized server and catches the desired window by keystrokes. The captured image can be saved to an image file, pasted to other window based word processing applications or desktop publishing programs, or printed out from a printer. SnapView can also be used as an image viewer/writer and image format conversion tool. It reads and writes image files in BMP, DIB, RLE, GIF, PCX, JPEG, TGA, TIF formats.