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You are about to download the time-limited versions. The BISTools package file, bistools.exe, contains all products, so you need to download just once for all our products! Its size is about 2 megabytes. Or, you can download the individual product file you need. The products will cease to work after 30 days of your first usage. Use the order form that is included in the package to order.

Download instructions: Your internet browser must support software downloading from Internet. Double click the "Download the latest version of ..." text on the web page and choose "Save it to disk" option on the pup-up dialog box on your screen. Once the installation software (i.e., bistools.exe ) is saved on your hard disk, start a MS-DOS session and move the installation software program to an empty directory. Type the name of the program (bistools.exe) at the DOS prompt. Then type Setup which will install Bay Image Software's products onto your computer. The installation program should also allow you to choose where you want to put the product on your hard disk. It will create a program group and icons for you during the setup process.

ImageShow for Windows NT and 95

Download the latest version of ImageShow with BISTools package

original.gif... sharp.gif... edge.gif... rotated.gif... emboss.gif...
ripple.gif... fisheye.gif... hightlighted.gif... explode.gif... composed.gif...

SnapView for Windows NT and 95

Download the latest version of SnapView with BISTools package

snap1.gif... snap2.gif... snapview.gif...

SlideShow for Windows NT and 95

Download the latest version of SlideShow with BISTools package

slideshow.gif...this animated image was created using ImageShow and SlideShow.

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Last updated: May, 2002